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28 January 2008 by cat

Yesterday I spent the day binding a book. It took about 12 hours – first attempt at a multi section fully bound book.

I found the fabric at the mill down the road for £2 a metre. I saw it and thought it would make a great book cover. Its a rather stiff cotton print – so well suited to being a book cover.

The guide book to making this book was rather confusing and I’ll be finding another at the university library to help with the next project (which I start asap – got the brief today).

If anyone is interested I’ll write up a how-to bookbind in this style. Its simple once you work out what the book is trying to say/describe.

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  1. Bethelle says:

    Hello Cat!
    I’ve been watching the development of your site with great anticipation, I’m glad that I’ve been able to finally see your talented eye, but lots more pictures would be received with much gratitude.
    lots of love bethelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. cat says:

    thanks! Curious, where do I know you from?


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