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  1. Break-in

    February 25, 2009 by cat

    On the 28th January we were broken into. Sadly, my laptop, Wii and 360 were taken. They also tried to take the film scanner, but left it without a power supply. They have also damaged the TV amp.

    This does however mean that I’ve lost about 6 months worth of work.  Everything I’ve done since about August (except certain shoots that have been printed off-site) is gone. This also includes my Project 365 which I was about 8 weeks from concluding!

    In the past month we have replaced the scanner power pack, my laptop, the kitchen window and we’re in the process of sorting the other stolen things. Project 365 will restart on March 16th – my 21st birthday!

    Also got a back-up solution being tested atm. Now time to get on.

  2. The Renaissance photography competition for the Lavender Trust

    January 11, 2009 by cat

    This term I have been working on getting my work into photographic competitions. Tonight one of them closes – The Renaissance photography competition. I have entered 4 photos in 3 categories.

    Happy Birthday (Emotions)

    Dancer’s Heart (Emotion)

    Ready to Dance (The Human Body)

    Roma (The World We Live In)

    Competitions gallery

  3. Bolton Big Switch On

    November 23, 2008 by cat

    This afternoon I had a press pass for the Bolton Big Switch On.

    Bolton Big Switch On Gallery

    Photographed the event for APNA News. Met a fair few of the local freelance press photographers in the Manchester area (sadly didn’t get any contact details for anyone) and some of the staff photographers from various news papers. Have to say they all seem a rather friendly bunch!

    There may be more photos at a later date – got so much to share!