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  1. Woolfest 2011 – photos

    June 25, 2011 by cat

    Just a few photos from yesterday at WoolFest 2011.

  2. WoolFest 2011 – Shopping

    June 25, 2011 by cat

    Yesterday I went to WoolFest 2011, up in Cockermouth.

    It involved 5hours of driving, parking in a field and coming home to hungry cats, but it was fantastic!

    From Krafty Koala I bought a new roll for my Double Point needles (owl themed), owl stitch markers, “Ash Cloud” Sparkle sock yarn, “Lilac Dreams” 4ply, “Gail” shawl pattern and “Scroll lace scarf” pattern.

    From Yarn Addict Anni (the designer of the Trinity shawl) I got Twinkletoes sock yarn, “Elegance scarf” pattern and “Fame handwarmers” pattern.

    From Laughing Hens I got some baby alpaca 4ply.

    From Toft I got a wrist warmers kit (awaiting the pattern – she’d sold out of it by late lunch on day one!).

    From Wingham Wool Works I picked up 3 500g hanks of Guernsey 5-ply.

    From DT Craft and Design I got a Kool Aid dyeing kit.

    I also got a Woolfest 2011 Project bag. Surprisingly this holds all of the above!

  3. Hand made and Custom made

    February 22, 2011 by cat

    In the few months since graduation I’ve been turning my hand to many things.  I’ve learnt to crochet.  I’ve been doing the accounts at Orange Tentacle.  I’ve been making lots of toys. I haven’t been writing here all that much.

    Over last few months I’ve made a few custom items for people that I thought I would share.

    Custom Made Owl, Bread Hat and Gir.

    I’ve also a few things listed on Folksy. You know you want to buy something to brighten my day!

  4. Blog Maintenance :: Portfolio

    February 28, 2010 by cat

    This afternoon and evening I have been doing some light maintenance on the site – removed the old Print Sale page and added some new things to the Portfolio page

    Hope you have a look over there. Got a few things to write about – hopefully I’ll get time to get them online tonight!

  5. Pink Tentacle

    December 8, 2009 by cat

    Recently I’ve been knitting toys – little toys. I’ve also been making my own patterns up. The patterns are going to be made available at somepoint.

    Pink Tentacle

    May I introduce Pink Tentacle (they will be renamed I’m sure by the final owner!) – this is the only Pink Tentacle.

    Bill Detail

    This tentacle took a few hours to make. I’m quite proud of this one – the wool isn’t the easiest to work with and its much finer double knit than I’m used to working with.

    Sucker Detail

    These suckers are just fantastic if I do say so myself!

    I hope that Pink Tentacle is happy in their new home after the 25th December.

  6. Yesterday’s Product Shots

    March 28, 2008 by cat

    My Polaroid from Kian

    Harry from Kian

    My Holga from me

  7. Product shots

    February 25, 2008 by cat

    I’m not completely sure of it, but I thought I’d post what I got. These sweets came home with Kian from MIX 07 – a Microsoft conference held in London back in September. I’ve had them hanging around (unopened) ever since just for this shot!

    Any ideas on how to make it look better I’d rather like to know – so drop me an email at cat (at) catashton (dot) co (dot) uk

  8. Knitted Monkey

    August 2, 2007 by cat

    ISO 400, 62mm, f5.6, 1/60th, flash at 1/4 strength. All taken with Canon 10D and a Tamron Di IF 28-75mm f2.8.

    This is my latest knitting project, a long armed and legged monkey. Put the finishing touches to him today so I could try out my new lighting stand/umbrella, flash gun and light metre.

    The final layout of lighting stand/umbrella was off to the left of frame, pointed down towards the subject, with a plain white reflector off to the right of frame bouncing in some fill lighting to the shadow area on that side of the face and body.

    Light metre is a *wonderful* toy, made the shoot 20 minutes (a few different shots/lighting rigs) rather than hours (OK, slight exaggeration!).

    Monkey Gallery

    CC is always welcome. And thanks to my wonderful assistant, Kian.