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  1. No bake chocolate cheesecake

    December 27, 2012 by cat


    Been a bit of a busy year. What with the death of Hannah and Apollo, followed by the addition of Cinder, later going to DWcon and our wedding in October, this year has been a long one.

    I thought I’d take a different approach to Christmas, I didn’t have much time to knit gifts this year. This year I’ve been baking for folk. These are a lovely simple addition to the hampers I’ve made up.

    To make these you need:
    4 250ml Kilner jars

    8 Oreo cookies
    25g melted butter

    200g soft cheese
    200g Nutella
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract

    A few chocolate drops(optional)

    1) turn the Oreos into breadcrumbs in a blender (or bash in a bag with a rolling pin)
    2) mix in the melted butter
    3) press the base mixture into the bottom of the jars
    4) cream the Nutella and soft cheese together, until completely combined
    5) stir in the vanilla, making sure to mix thoroughly
    6) dollop filling into jar, on top of base, making sure there are no gaps
    7) sprinkle on chocolate drops if desired.

  2. Food :: Cooking and Photography

    October 14, 2009 by cat

    Pork Wontons

    Recently I’ve been on a bit of a splurge on cooking real food. Kian’s dad took me to Wing Yip’s Manchester store just before university term started. I picked up many things including stuff to make wontons.

    If you fancy some let me know – I’m happy to make more here at Tentacle Tower.

    I’ve started a gallery for Food photography. I’ve been doing much of it lately. I seem to be enjoying cooking and the photography that goes with it.

  3. Lactose Free* Hot Chocolate

    October 14, 2009 by cat

    Lactofree Hot Chocolate

    For months I’ve been trying to find something I could claim as a “Cat Safe” Hot Chocolate. Now, most cafes pile on cream, most powder versions have enough skimmed milk powder in them to trigger my intolerance and most chocolate bars I have to consume in moderation so I can’t use it to make a Hot Chocolate. Well that changed when I found that I could eat Aero – I somewhat love Aero. Somewhat hate Nestle, but I can’t do much about that.

    Dried Skimmed Milk itself doesn’t seem to affect me much.

    Ingredients for “Cat Safe” Hot Chocolate
    Aero 4 mini treat size bars (around 40g) (of which is ~6g milk solids of that between 0.12g and 0.48g may be lactose)
    a mug full of full-fat milk (lactofree or normal)
    a tiny grating of nutmeg
    a handful of marshmallows


    1. Heat the milk and chocolate over a gentle heat – DO NOT BOIL! Keep on heat until all the chocolate is melted in.
    2. Once the chocolate is combined with the milk grate in as much nutmeg as you like (you can leave it out if you don’t like it!)
    3. Pour into mug (for preference a Large Mug).
    4. Cut up some marshmallows and top. (May need a spoon to consume this awesome drink/dessert.. )

    *It may not be strictly Lactose Free, but it hasn’t upset my body so I’m happy to say I can make it again for me.