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  1. Debbie Tomkies Dye Workshop

    November 6, 2011 by cat

    Today I went to Baa Ram Ewe, Leeds for a dyeing workshop by Debbie Tomkies of DT Craft and Design. This was my second play with dyeing yarn. Earlier this week I used one of Debbie’s Koolaid dyeing kits (I’ll get some photos of those later in the week). I did this workshop with three lovely ladies – all made superb use of the yarns and dyes to great effect!

    I had a great time. The prospect of dyeing my own yarn is now exciting rather than terrifying!

    I’ve named mine – Tentacle, Purple Kisses and Heather.

    With many thanks to Debbie (and hubby Pete!) and Baa Ram Ewe for having me today.

  2. New bag

    October 24, 2011 by cat

    A few months ago I bought myself a new hand bag. It was faux leather, with enough space for most of my knitting projects and pockets that could hold smaller projects/books/needle rolls.

    It fell apart in a few short weeks and I was left with only my flowery knitting bags or a purple cord bag that’s going bald. I spent a few days going through ebay/high street shops/Trafford Centre.

    Couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted.

    So in the end I thought I venture into sewing again. I took apart the bag I was replacing, made a pattern and strode forth with mum’s old Singer 6136 at my side. 

    I started it a week or so ago. Now its ready to be abused in public.