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  1. DigitFest 2011

    June 15, 2011 by cat

    (click to enlarge)

    Last weekend was DigitFest 2011. I was there as a steward – helping to cat herding visitors to various events and joining in activities that I would never have done without it.

    I drew on iPads. I painted with light (well I’ve done that before..). I saw Holotronica. I enjoyed beatboxing. I danced. I laughed. I met new people.

  2. Contact Theatre Project – #follow_me

    November 23, 2009 by cat

    A couple of weeks ago I was at Barcamp Manchester 2. We were wonderfully hosted by Contact Theatre. Since BCMan2 they have started a project for a new show #follow_me.

    To quote @contactmcr

    “Are you going to join in? You need your face,paper,pen&camera”

    I think that everyone should get involved – Contact are a great venue and wonderful people. Its also a very simple project to get involved with.

    This is my offering

    The rest of the photographs are on Flickr.

  3. At This Space – Last chance!

    May 1, 2009 by cat

    Tomorrow (Saturday 2nd of May) is the final day of the photographic exhibition At This Space. I hope you all get chance to drop by and I really hope that you enjoy it.

  4. Project 365 Days 27 to 38

    April 23, 2009 by cat

    So, with all this exhibition prep you’d be right to think my other projects are getting squeezed for time. In this selection there are two photos that were taken on Why Photography shoots – you’ll have to guess which!

    This is Nick Harris, a GeekUp regular.

    Newly fixed pinhole camera cap for my Canon bodies. Just in time for Pinhole Photography Day – this coming Sunday.

    Kian took me up Rivington – ended up getting a dent in the driver’s door on the car that day! But also went up Rivington for the first time (nevermind living here for 3 years nearly!)

    This is my friend Jenna. She’s somewhat shy around cameras..

    Walnut has turned rather photogenic lately – not like she hasn’t been all along – just more so recently!

    The rest of the gallery.

    Right I’d better go get ready for We Will Rock You!(be warned there be music!).

  5. New Theme – Sliding Door

    April 22, 2009 by cat

    Today a new theme has gone live on my photoblog. It is Sliding Door by Wayne. Thanks to NovaWildstar for pointing me at it.

    All this is a face lift that’s been on the cards for a while – the exhibition opening Monday was just a kick up the butt to get it done!

    Now I just need to sort my gallery theme/solution.

    Also done some general rejigging of the categories and pages – also all my linked pages now resolve(even if there’s nothing in one of the files!)!

  6. At This Space Exhibition Featuring Why Photography?

    April 21, 2009 by cat

    On Tuesday 28th April 2009 will be the general opening of At This Space. We will be at Urban Splash, Worsley Street, Castlefield, Manchester. General opening hours will be 10-6 Tuesday until Saturday.

    If you want to come to the private viewing – drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do!

    Here’s a sneak preview of my series “Why photography?”

  7. Project 365 (Days 4 – 17)

    April 1, 2009 by cat

    Been a little busy with the end of term, my birthday party and fund raising for the exhibition next month. Still doing my project though!

    April 1st 2009 (if you look carefully you can see me!)

    March 25th 2009 (outside the exhibition venue!)

    March 28th 2009 (Cookie at my birthday party)

    March 31st 2009 (Hannah is a poser atm!)

  8. Project 365 beginning

    March 18, 2009 by cat

    Well, yesterday was my 21st birthday. Thank you for the lovely messages! I started my new Project 365

    March 16th 2009

    March 17th 2009

    Today I have been sat in the office trying to get prints done for a print sale fund raiser for my exhibition next month. If anyone would like a card with this on the front then let me know. Also if there are any others on the site you’d like then drop me a line.

  9. Why photography? First day of shooting

    March 7, 2009 by cat

    Today was the first set of shoots for my project “Why Photography?” which will be exhibited in late April/early May.

    Tootdood’s metaphoto (photograph of a photograph being taken…etc..)

    The first person I was intending to see was Tootdood. He was the first person I could arrange to see about why he does photography. I was very pleased that Tootdood introduced me to AirAdam. Adam agreed to join the project too. Which makes him another of my favorite people!

    While photographing AirAdam, Pixel.Eight wandered across us. Once AirAdam wandered to do some more photography, myself and Pixel.Eight wandered around Market Street, Piccadilly Gardens and upto Victoria train station too, chatting and discussion photography.

    Today I have shot 18 frames on the Mamiya C220 with either the 55mm or 80mm lenses. Been using Kodak Tri-X 400. Gonna dev in Kodak TMAX when I’ve finished the second roll.

    Looking forward to further shooting!

  10. Exhibition Season!

    February 25, 2009 by cat

    In April/May I will be exhibiting in Manchester. The venue is still to be determined, but the opening night will be the 30th April.

    Now this is your chance to get involved.

    Are you a photographer?

    Would you be willing to give me 30 minutes with you, your thoughts and camera for a photograph and interview?
    (and are somewhere relatively close to Manchester or going to PhotoCampLeeds this weekend)

    If yes, could you email me on