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Final Major Project

My Final Major Project from the end of my Foundation Diploma at the University of Bolton. This exhibition was displayed from 30th May 2007 – 4th June 2007 at the University of Bolton, UK.

Intro from the book

In this project, I have been looking at the negative groups and labels placed on individuals in society, and the relevance of those labels. As part of my study, I have sought out people that did not fit with the “normal” society stereotype such as loitering teenagers, buskers, university drop outs, gamblers and even hoarders. All the people I approached have valid and understandable reasons for their position, and most are attempting to better themselves and attempt to move away from the negative image perceived of them. For each subject in this book, I met with them in their natural context, took their photograph and spent time with them discussing their situation. I have recorded these meetings and photographs in this book with a brief commentary on why society decides to label these people, and their hopes and ambitions for the future.

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