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  1. Brighton Adventure and Fun of September

    September 28, 2011 by cat

    At the beginning of the month I took Kian away to Brighton for a little adventure. I went to see Amanda Fucking Palmer and Kian went to see a client.

    When we went to see AFP we also saw Bitter Ruin. Georgia blew me away with her strong yet delicate voice. Bitter Ruin happen to have a single coming out next week.

    Kian and I stayed over at the Royal Albion and on our day off, before coming home, went to Brighton’s aquarium. The sea turtles were amazing in size (27st and as big as my coffee table). (Yes, we took Captain Jack to see his cousin…)

    Since getting back from Brighton I have been doing my training at The Lowry in Salford. It is a wonderful theatre. In the last month I have seen I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue (the stage version, not recording), The Unthanks, Dancing Shoes and today was Top Hat (it’s on until the 8th October and is a great musical). All have been thoroughly entertaining. Of the 12 shifts that I have to complete “shadowing” I have now done 8. I’ve got 2 more to do in the Lyric (the large theatre) and 2 more in the Quays (the medium theatre) before I become a a “full” VIP (I’ll get a red shirt, jumper and name tag!).

    This month has been busy. Looking forward to October.

  2. Balda test

    April 14, 2008 by cat

    Palace Hotel

    Balda test roll from March 3rd 2008.

    This is a beautiful little pop-lens tin camera. I bought it for £5 from a charity through eBay. It takes 120 film and has a set shutter and two aperture settings. It is basically a metal version of the Holga, made in the 1950s!

  3. Old New York

    January 15, 2008 by cat

    So this morning I have come around to getting my photos from New York on-line. The gallery is here.

    This was taken from Brooklyn Bridge on my final day there.

    In the gallery there are photos of my tutors, classmates (first and second years), Philadelphia (day trip to Kyle Cassidy’s house), busy streets, museums, artefacts, light shows and much more.

    I do intend on going back next year with my year group. It was a fantastic trip – even if Kian wasn’t with me! I’ve still to got my film images to get processed (need a new film scanner for that!) and on-line.