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  1. Free Portrait Sessions

    February 9, 2011 by cat

    As I said on Twitter today I’m offering free portrait sessions for a few weeks to build up my portrait portfolio. There will be free a A4 print in it for you (further prints can be bought). We can get together at practically anytime atm – days/evenings/weekends. Contact me for an appointment.

    And for some good fun here are some photographs I’ve been playing with today.

    New hair – my hair is really magenta..

    I’ve also been playing with old photographs again.

    Snowy Gate

    Bleached Wall


  2. Blog Maintenance :: Portfolio

    February 28, 2010 by cat

    This afternoon and evening I have been doing some light maintenance on the site – removed the old Print Sale page and added some new things to the Portfolio page

    Hope you have a look over there. Got a few things to write about – hopefully I’ll get time to get them online tonight!

  3. Food :: Cooking and Photography

    October 14, 2009 by cat

    Pork Wontons

    Recently I’ve been on a bit of a splurge on cooking real food. Kian’s dad took me to Wing Yip’s Manchester store just before university term started. I picked up many things including stuff to make wontons.

    If you fancy some let me know – I’m happy to make more here at Tentacle Tower.

    I’ve started a gallery for Food photography. I’ve been doing much of it lately. I seem to be enjoying cooking and the photography that goes with it.

  4. A few changes

    September 3, 2009 by cat

    Over the last 24 hours I’ve been changing things around on here and in the gallery. I now have a running colour scheme throughout and typeface. The gallery now works relatively close to what I wanted 18months ago…

    In addition to the redesign stuff I’ve added a Print Sale where I’ve chosen my favourite images and more (go have a read for details!). I also have updated the gallery with a wedding section from the recent wedding work I’ve been doing (now taking bookings for the remainder of 2009 and throughout 2010).


    I’m available for events, portraits, fine art commissions, weddings, food and product shots. Email or phone me for a chat about anything you’d like me to help you with.

  5. New Theme – Sliding Door

    April 22, 2009 by cat

    Today a new theme has gone live on my photoblog. It is Sliding Door by Wayne. Thanks to NovaWildstar for pointing me at it.

    All this is a face lift that’s been on the cards for a while – the exhibition opening Monday was just a kick up the butt to get it done!

    Now I just need to sort my gallery theme/solution.

    Also done some general rejigging of the categories and pages – also all my linked pages now resolve(even if there’s nothing in one of the files!)!

  6. Break-in

    February 25, 2009 by cat

    On the 28th January we were broken into. Sadly, my laptop, Wii and 360 were taken. They also tried to take the film scanner, but left it without a power supply. They have also damaged the TV amp.

    This does however mean that I’ve lost about 6 months worth of work.  Everything I’ve done since about August (except certain shoots that have been printed off-site) is gone. This also includes my Project 365 which I was about 8 weeks from concluding!

    In the past month we have replaced the scanner power pack, my laptop, the kitchen window and we’re in the process of sorting the other stolen things. Project 365 will restart on March 16th – my 21st birthday!

    Also got a back-up solution being tested atm. Now time to get on.

  7. Today’s fun

    September 26, 2008 by cat

    Today I decided to re-organise my gallery – have a look.

    I’ve also put on-line my photographs of the Anti-War/Labour Party Conference Protests (flickr and my gallery).

    Tony Blair