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  1. Work and Workflow – Accounts

    June 22, 2011 by cat

    It’s that time of year again here at Tentacle Towers – time for me to finish the accounts for year end.

    I’m a massive fan of FreeAgent. It is user friendly, sensible and web hosted so can be dived into on client site/home/pub/mum’s (yes, this is a benefit!). Orange Tentacle’s affiliate url – sign up with that and we both get a discount.

    Google mail – I can look back through Kian’s email for the whole time the company has been incorporated, with labelled mail for invoices/bills/expenses without much fuss. With a small amount of effort on Kian’s part (labelling stuff as he buys it mainly – although last year I had to go through and do the backlog of labelling!).

    CutePDF – This has saved me hours of fuss trying to get digital copies of emailed invoices to put against records in FreeAgent. There have been times I’ve had to print an email to then scan it in for the digital copy! With CutePDF has meant that I can send stuff to print from gmail, input to FA and then when I have finished I just have a pile of PDFs to send to print (via built in windows support).

    Be Broadband – having the full archive of all bills, downloadable as pdfs make me exceedingly happy. Just wish that it wasn’t so buggy(after downloading on pdf you need to do a hard refresh to get the next month’s pdf to generate).

    I love companies that send out pre-generated pdf receipts. I’m looking at you Hetzner.

    On the paper receipt side of things I find VueScan (its my general scanning software and fantastic for scanning negatives). It is great in combination with Adobe Bridge/CutePDF.

    In the bad books

    T-mobile – However great it is that they put your bills online, you can only get 12 months worth and have to go through so many (slow to load) pages to get it the pdfs. I’ve come close to demanding paper copies and make my own pdfs – it would be quicker!

    Now I had better get back to it..

  2. Geek Up Preston

    June 21, 2011 by cat

    Just a few photos from last night’s GeekUp in Preston.