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  1. Lighting Playtime – On Board Flash Defuser

    September 16, 2008 by cat

    As the caption from the images says:-
    “Captured with Canon 10D, on camera flash with a home-made “stofen”-like defuser about a foot away from the subject. The defuser is made out of a film reel canister with a cut about a cm wide to accommodate the flash unit.”

    For a while I’ve been having to use sheets of paper with any photograph that needed flash (and not using the Vivitar 285HV) with under 5ft between camera and subject (many of my portraits, macro-ish shots, etc) to defuse the on board flash. Well, no more! I now have a defuser and it came free with film!

    On top of all that – I’ve not had to edit the file, just convert it to jpg.

  2. Project 365 – Day 17

    April 4, 2008 by cat

    4th April 2008

    I’m bored while waiting for prints. I drew on myself – I wish Kian would let me do this to him..

  3. Day 14 of Project 365

    April 2, 2008 by cat

    April 1st 2008

    These are some of Kian’s “Executive Toys”. Lit from about lens with on camera flash – defused with a simple piece of stationary paper (Conqueror Stain 90gsm) – first sheet to hand.

    Today’s Kian’s mum’s birthday – Happy Birthday!

  4. Playing with lighting

    March 30, 2008 by cat

    Kian made this:

    It was made of four pieces of sketchbook paper (watercolour paper), some chunks of mount board, and two sheets of tissue paper – two Pritt sticks and a roll of masking tape went into it too. Rather good design and it works very effectively.

    Also, today’s 365 Project photo came from this photo shoot.

    Tomorrow I may let you see my photograms.

  5. I should really introduce myself

    January 19, 2008 by cat

    So yes, this is the first photograph of myself on this site.

    I’ve been promising some people that I would show what colour my hair has changed to for months. So I finally got around to it.

    For this I had the main room lights on (3 gang in the centre of the room and 2 in the alcoves) and a lighting stand with a ‘brolly and Vivitar 285HV behind the camera to the right pointed to the right side of face (when looking from behind the camera) set to 1/4 power (manual) directed straight into the ‘brolly.

    I took the ones of myself with the self-timer function. While I had it set up I thought I should get the shots Kian wants for his own site done.