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  1. Field work

    January 28, 2013 by cat

    Woodhead snowscape

    Woodhead snowscape

    Kian in the snow

    Kian in the snow

    Cinder in the snow

    Cinder in the snow

    Pin badges from Florida

    Honeymoon badges

    So it’s been a busy few days. We went to the theatre on Friday night. In the snow. It took 5 hours to get home. 15miles. Kian pushed 18cars on the A666 (about 2 miles from home). I can happily say that my Saxo can handle being in 6inches+ of snow. I miss the snow. I wish it hadn’t melted so quickly.

  2. Snowy times

    January 21, 2013 by cat

    Kian post-training

    Kian post-training

    Cinder sleeping

    Cinder sleeping – such a rarity!

    Plate of brownies

    Almost eggless brownies

    Mandeville (London 2012 mascot)

    Mandeville Oversees.

    Well it’s snowing here in lovely Bolton. With that it does mean that I’m mostly stuck indoors (joints don’t agree with being out in the cold for longer than a few minutes). Being stuck in does have it’s downsides, like not seeing Mum on her birthday (Saturday). One upside is that I’ve got most of a jumper knitted this weekend (for me!). Yesterday Kian and I tried out a new-to-us restaurant with his Taste card (2for1/special discounts), Retreat, we would definitely recommend it.

  3. Cinder loves the first wet week

    January 8, 2013 by cat

    Cinder Paws

    One wet week

    Cinder has spent today playing in the mud that is our backyard. This does result in her long fur getting far too muddy and I will bet I get another shower time incursion from the fuzz ball tomorrow.

  4. New Kitten

    May 11, 2012 by cat

    Well you may have seen on Twitter and/or Facebook that this week Kian and I got a new addition to our little family. Walnut is slowly coming back from “What the flipping hell do you think you’re bringing into MY HOUSE?!” to “I do not want to share!” Hopefully she’ll get to “ohh can we play all night and keep them up?” in the next week or so.

    She was named Fay by Bolton & Bury Cat Rescue, but we’re currently trying to find something that fits with her better. She’s far too excitable to be “Fay”. Give us name suggestions for her!

  5. Bye Bye Apollo

    March 29, 2012 by cat

    This was not the next blog post I was expecting to write.

    On Tuesday I wasn’t very well. I had a bath in the middle of the night, and as usual, both the cats came to check on me (well see if they could have an early breakfast). That was between 3 and 5am. The day went on as a slow day, until I got a knock on the door at about noon. One of the lady’s from the allotments across the road came over to ask me if Apollo lived here. She had found him under a bush just inside the allotments. So I wandered over and she was right. He apparently had a lie down in a favoured spot and not got back up.

    She and another lady told me tales of Apollo’s charming exploits. They told me of his Sunday afternoon’s in their greenhouse, and his own chair, of the number of people that loved his attention and of him trying to get the frogs in the ponds. We brought him home and wrapped him up and let Walnut see him, before going to the vet.

    Our vet looked him over to check that it wasn’t poison or trauma. She thinks that his heart simply gave out.

    He was 6years old nearly 7. He came to me as a sweet 3 month old 6 years ago. He was shy and unsure of himself, people ,and other cats when he came to me. By the number of neighbours that have spoken to us since he was found, I can happily say he became a much loved, charming tom.

    I will miss him joining us in the middle of the bed, or sleeping on his back next to me on the sofa. He was a loving and caring little boy. Goodbye my friend, Apollo.

  6. Bye Bye Hannah

    February 8, 2012 by cat

    On Sunday Hannah died. She’d not been well for a while, but she was happy until Sunday. We took her to the Emergency Vet. They found a couple of “masses” on her liver and spleen. We’d apparently been treating the masses for a while with steroids (she was on them for a skin problem).

    She and I had been together for 14 years and 4 months. She came to me at 5 weeks old. We slept, ate and travelled together. There were few thing I did in her lifetime without considering her first. I am going to miss her more than I can say. Walnut and Apollo are trying to comfort me and themselves.

    She will no longer wake me to join me in bed when it gets too cold, or hunt rabbits on family holidays in Wales, but she will be with me.

    Bye Bye Hannah.

  7. Brighton Adventure and Fun of September

    September 28, 2011 by cat

    At the beginning of the month I took Kian away to Brighton for a little adventure. I went to see Amanda Fucking Palmer and Kian went to see a client.

    When we went to see AFP we also saw Bitter Ruin. Georgia blew me away with her strong yet delicate voice. Bitter Ruin happen to have a single coming out next week.

    Kian and I stayed over at the Royal Albion and on our day off, before coming home, went to Brighton’s aquarium. The sea turtles were amazing in size (27st and as big as my coffee table). (Yes, we took Captain Jack to see his cousin…)

    Since getting back from Brighton I have been doing my training at The Lowry in Salford. It is a wonderful theatre. In the last month I have seen I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue (the stage version, not recording), The Unthanks, Dancing Shoes and today was Top Hat (it’s on until the 8th October and is a great musical). All have been thoroughly entertaining. Of the 12 shifts that I have to complete “shadowing” I have now done 8. I’ve got 2 more to do in the Lyric (the large theatre) and 2 more in the Quays (the medium theatre) before I become a a “full” VIP (I’ll get a red shirt, jumper and name tag!).

    This month has been busy. Looking forward to October.

  8. Woolfest 2011 – photos

    June 25, 2011 by cat

    Just a few photos from yesterday at WoolFest 2011.

  9. Walnut

    April 6, 2011 by cat

    A few weeks ago Walnut was being somewhat distant after I took a series of photographs of her in a box (she likes being in boxes and seemed to enjoy it while it was going on). She goes through phases of liking me or not, same with Kian, but on this day I went from being loved to She Who Must Not Be Named. Well I rather liked these – especially since she normally rolls around and makes it terribly difficult to take photographs of her..

  10. Pink Tentacle

    December 8, 2009 by cat

    Recently I’ve been knitting toys – little toys. I’ve also been making my own patterns up. The patterns are going to be made available at somepoint.

    Pink Tentacle

    May I introduce Pink Tentacle (they will be renamed I’m sure by the final owner!) – this is the only Pink Tentacle.

    Bill Detail

    This tentacle took a few hours to make. I’m quite proud of this one – the wool isn’t the easiest to work with and its much finer double knit than I’m used to working with.

    Sucker Detail

    These suckers are just fantastic if I do say so myself!

    I hope that Pink Tentacle is happy in their new home after the 25th December.