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Christmas project

19 January 2008 by cat

For Christmas I was set a project to “capture” moments of meal times over the Christmas period. We were restricted to using only disposable cameras. Instead of leaving it to someone else to process and develop my films/prints I decided to use and abuse the machines at uni. This did, however, have one drawback – the deadline! I was meant to present this to my class on the first Monday back rather than a week later like I thought…

On the Monday morning I processed the films and took the book I had been making to keep my Polaroids of the family. I was going to keep that to myself, but I needed to present something! I’ve still to finish making that book – the housing is built and the pages are all together, but the stuff I want to write in it hasn’t made its way onto the pages.

By Wednesday I had colour paper so I could do prints from my films. My friend, Nat, showed me how to start making prints and I managed in 2 hours to produce a contact print and a final print that were colour balanced and ready to be shown to people!!

I even managed to focus the negative myself!! (I sometimes struggle with it if I do it myself – at home I get Kian to check it for me!!)

So this next week I’ll be printing up to 6 more prints from this one roll (Christmas Day at my parents’ house).

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