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Snowy times

21 January 2013 by cat

Kian post-training

Kian post-training

Cinder sleeping

Cinder sleeping – such a rarity!

Plate of brownies

Almost eggless brownies

Mandeville (London 2012 mascot)

Mandeville Oversees.

Well it’s snowing here in lovely Bolton. With that it does mean that I’m mostly stuck indoors (joints don’t agree with being out in the cold for longer than a few minutes). Being stuck in does have it’s downsides, like not seeing Mum on her birthday (Saturday). One upside is that I’ve got most of a jumper knitted this weekend (for me!). Yesterday Kian and I tried out a new-to-us restaurant with his Taste card (2for1/special discounts), Retreat, we would definitely recommend it.


  1. Liz Ashton says:

    Good to hear you’re both okay in this weather. Edinburgh centre isn’t so bad, lots of snow but not sticking. How are the cats enjoying the weather?

  2. LYNN ASHTON says:

    We will get together when the weather improves,I know Rob is waiting to make plans.
    My request is for my new Epson connected-we both looked at the instructions and agreed far beyond our ken!-when it can be managed.
    Keep safe.

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